Monday, July 6, 2009

The Truth Comes Out........

I have just come accross THIS article. Jordan Chandler, the boy who accused Michael Jackson has admitted he lied about the whole thing for money, encouraged by his father. Why isn't this being reported on more widely? The internet is full of such articles, google brings up a huge list.

I have to quote Jul Paddy, from the comments section. I agree so wholeheartedly with the comment it could have come from my own mouth.

"I am not surprised. I suspected it all along. No smart person who really read the facts believed this nonsense. What kind of parent will take money from the molester of his child anyway? If someone molested my child, I don\\\’t care if he were Bill Gates, I would try everything I could to ensure that the person went to jail for it.

Michael Jackson was the God father of Marlon Brando\\\’s granddaughter. He went on tour with Deepak Chopra\\\’s children, even slept on the same with MacCaulay Culkin several times, but never once did a complaint come from these people. Deepak who is the most blunt spiritualist I have seen said that he never had a reason to be concerned about that. MacCaulay Culkin in 2005 also said Jackson never acted inappropriately with him. I guess some people will sell their class if they have any to make some money out of hard working celebrities. What\\\’s terrible about this is that MJ actually loved these kids? Uri Geller, Jackson\\\’s old time friend said on the day MJ died that he knew for a fact that MJ did not molest anybody after performing hypnosis on him regarding a different issue and then questioning him about the charges when his mind was in the state of trance.

My guess is Arviso will be the next to say this. The fact that he was coerced by his mum into making these charges are so self evident that anyone who felt Jackson was guilty is in my opinion is very naive or had simply not examined the facts. I urge people to read the transcripts of the court proceedings before questioning my perspective on this. The prosecution had to discredit it\\\’s own witnesses, Mrs Arviso had a prior record of perjury, Mrs Arviso and her ex husband had a history of extortion and prosecution witnesses like Chris Carter and Shacone had personal vandettas against Jackson for firing them, worse Carter had a criminal record. Now the Arviso boy had initially told his school administrator that he had not been molested. This is on record. Also, his claim that MJ taught him to musturbate was a lie, he admitted that his Grandma taught him. He claimed that MJ molested him twice, but in the course of the trial, he then said thrice probably because his brother\\\’s account of the incident contradicted his and that was the only way to reconcile the so called times of abuse. One of the brothers said MJ came in erect and naked, another said different. For the Jury, it wasn\\\’t even a tough call. It was the press that kept the prosecution on life support really.

Do I think Jackson was strange? sure he was. A 5yr old lead singer getting a recording contract is as strange as it gets. Life sometimes gift us with people who are extraordinary like Jackson. Was the fact that he loved playing with kids strange? to the extent that they slept in the same bed, yes but that doesn\\\’t make him a child molestor. Problem is, that was all the prosecution had, a Martin Brashir Documentary and a kid with an inconsistent story.

He was described as a child like person. Now that I think of it, it was very true. With child-like ideas are child like emotions and such emotions are pure and genuine. It transcended through his music. When he granted an interview at the age of 11, he said he sings what means. lets remember these songs \\\’\\\’Will you be there\\\’\\\’ , \\\’\\\’earth song\\\’\\\’, \\\’\\\’Heal the world\\\’. The emotion of these songs transcended to the crowd any where he had a concert. I understand him much better now that I look at this thoroughly.

When I was a little boy in Germany, as a black guy, Jackson was like my hero. I wanted to be like him. Although he looked different later, it still never changed the fact that he was a great person and one of the most talented musicians of our time. Neither did it change my personal perception of him. Greatness and true ingeniousness has no colour. He was the world\\\’s greatest…"

Well Said Jul Paddy, whoever you are.

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