Friday, July 3, 2009

My Hero - Michael Jackson

It is now one week since my hero Michael Jackson suddenly passed away. I am still in shock! I can't believe it. Such a tragic loss to the whole world. I can't express how excited I was about the prospect of a MJ comeback.
As a lifelong MJ fan I have had many an argument about Michael & the things he does, especially in the last 10-15 years. I must start by saying that my faith in Michael has never faltered. I love the guy with all my heart and always will.
Over the years I have tried to recall what is the earliest memory I hold in my mind, no matter how hard I try I can't remember anything before Thriller. My very earliest memory is of staying up late to watch Thriller premier on TV. Does that not just say it all?? Like many of Michael's music videos after, Thriller had it's own spot on TV, it didn't just show on Top Of The Pops (or whatever music show you had in your country), the music video was an event in itself.

I can't understand how so much of the public can be so nasty to Michael. Through his music Michael taught me to respect people, animals & the world we live in. He spread a message of love and respect to the world, he set up a charity of his own as well as heavily donating to several other charities over the years. Many a story I have read about how he would buy pizza for the homeless in London (without any recognition), the times he would visit a hospital & write a cheque for a huge amount before leaving - how it can possibly be that Michael is not loved by everyone on the planet I cannot understand.

I am a strong minded person, I do not need the media to tell me what to think, I make up my own mind about things by looking at the facts and thinking it through logically. This is how I have approached all the various "scandals" concerning Michael. Here are my thoughts and opinions -

1 - Why Michael changed his skin colour.
I hate this one! I really don't see what the problem is!!
So what if someone changes the way they look? Is that not the society we live in? If you don't like something about the way you look, change it! As a caucasian woman I will readily admit that I hate my pale skin, when the sun comes out I will put on a bikini, slap on the sunscreen & lay there all day long in the attempt of changing my skin colour - I have used sunbeds, I have used fake tan - I have even joked that if I was rich i would have "tan" tattooed all over my body so it would be permanent. Millions of people attempt to darken their skin all the time! Is it a crime not to like your skin colour? No!! is there ANYTHING at all wrong with not liking your skin colour? NO!!!!

2 - Why Michael had so much cosmetic surgery.
Again I use the same arguments, what is the problem with someone not comfortable with the way they look changing it? Most celebrities do it, why? Because they can, they can afford it. Ask anyone you know, I am willing to bet that almost everyone you ask would have some sort of cosmetic surgery, no matter how large or how small - I know I would. Irrelevent of whether you all like what he has done to his face it's his face & it's his choice. Does it really matter?? No!

3 - Why Michael settled the case with so much money if he was innocent.
As a mother this one really winds me up. I have a son, he is 13, he is my world. If someone, ANYONE touched my son I would kill them, full stop. I would cause them so much pain in the process! I would want their head on a stake and I would be willing to do the time as a consequence too - it would be worth it!! The last thing I would want if some guy had messed with my beloved son would be his money!!
How could any mother or father live with themselves if they had basically pimped their son out, well if a parent accepted a pay off from someone who had done this then that is essentially what they would be doing!! That is my basis for never believing this crap.

When someone achieves the success that Michael did, there will always be souless leeches out to get what they can from them.

So this is my first ever post to my first ever blog, this blog will be like many other blogs, it will contain whatever is on my mind, my thoughts, feelings and opinions on lots of differing subjects, cool things I find while I am browsing, pics, vids etc but you can rest assured that Michael will make many an appearance here.

I have put off blogging for years - not convinced that anyone is interested in reading what's on my mind, I hope I manage to gain at least a few followers.


  1. After you, as a parent, had heard of the settlement, would you allow your child to sleep over at MJ's?
    I think it is damning that MJ continued to have the sleep overs, don't you?

  2. I have already stated exactly what I think.

    I can see what you are saying but if a person is innocent why should they change they way they conduct themself??