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Michael Jackson was Innocent.

I have believed in Michael's innocence from the beginning but after doing some research of my own I am continuously finding more and more evidence of this.
I am now actually finding it hard to believe that anyone on this planet believed the stories - it was all so obviously a set up, an extortion attempt, or even the illuminati bringing down the biggest star in the world, just to prove to the whole world who is in charge here. It seems to me there was a huge conspiracy to leave Michael penniless"

“They suck them like leeches. They start out the most popular person in the world, make a lot of money, big house, cars and everything and end up penniless. It’s a conspiracy. The Jews do it on purpose.” - Michael Jackson

I was shocked atfirst when I found this quote from Michael, I always thought Michael was not racist, he even had Jewish friends didn't he? Well, yeah he did have jewish friends years ago, if you look deeper you can see he was no longer friends with those Jewish people any more, in fact they were more like enemies these days, they were all sueing Michael for one thing or another - all part of the conspiracy to bring him down.

Close relatives and associates of Michael Jackson suggested many times that the Church of Scientology was behind the base allegations of paedophilia that were made against him. It was even his closest associate made such as claim. As we know from numerous sources, this cult is under the control of the Mossad and is owned by jewish lawyers who bought it using Bronfman money.

Quote from Vaity Fair

According to (Gordon) Novel, the Jacksons believed that it was all a grand conspiracy, that the accuser’s mother was being paid by Jackson’s enemies, who wanted to take control of his major economic asset, the Sony/ATV Music catalogue, which holds publishing rights to 251 Beatles songs and works by scores of other pop artists. Jackson claimed that the main conspirators were Sony Records; its former president, Tommy Mottola; and Santa Barbara County district attorney Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor, who also investigated Jackson in 1993. The catalogue is held jointly by Jackson and Sony, and Jackson’s share is mortgaged for more than $200 million. If Jackson defaults, Sony has first chance to buy his half as early as this coming December. (A Sony spokesperson said, “We are not going to comment on any aspect of this.”)

Jackson explained to Novel that the conspirators had introduced him to Al Malnik, a wealthy Miami attorney who had once represented Meyer Lansky. Malnik later helped Jackson refinance his loans. That was not what Jackson told Novel, however. According to Novel, Jackson said he was lured to Malnik’s house in Miami Beach by film director Brett Ratner to see a house so beautiful it would make him catatonic. He said that once he was there, however, Malnik, who Jackson claimed had Mafia ties, wanted to put his fingers in the singer’s business. Jackson also said he received a call from Tommy Mottola while he was there, which aroused his suspicion, but he did not tell Novel that he later put Malnik on the board of the Sony/ATV Music partnership. (Reached by telephone, Malnik scoffed at the idea of a conspiracy or of his having any Mafia ties. He said, “It does not make any sense.” Ratner confirmed that he took Jackson to Malnik’s house and that he considers Malnik a father figure.)

Jackson and Mottola have been at odds for years. In New York in July 2002, Jackson staged a public protest against Mottola with the Reverend Al Sharpton, calling him a racist and “very, very devilish.” He called for a boycott of Sony, which is believed to have contributed to Mottola’s ouster from the company six months later. Jackson is reportedly so frightened of Mottola that one of the reasons he surrounded himself with Nation of Islam guards in 2003 was that he thought Mottola could put out a hit on him. (Mottola could not be reached for comment.)

Jackson wanted Novel to find the links among these characters. Novel told me in March that “he believes he’ll get convicted. He believes the judge, the D.A., and the Sony guys are a conspiracy to take over his money.”

Jordy is part jewish, his father being one Evan Chandler Schwartz. As for the other child, Gavin Ventura Arvizo I cannot confirm his bloodline. However, his mother is a long time scammer and frivolous law suit filer. She bragged to friends and family members about how she was coaching her child to blackmail a big celebrity.

Another quote (from Laurance @

Michael was not anti-jewish (as his affiliations illustrate) , but he was anti-evil. And as we know the most evil force on our planet are jewish or jewish puppets. He’s my take on his very sad passing.These jewish bastards have been working hard and planning for at least 100 years to collapse the economy of the U.S. and the world, then along comes Michael Jackson, someone they thought they neutralized, and he is about to put on his final tour.

This tour would have infused some $500 million or more into the economies of the areas (and more) in which he performed. Money makes money and create more money. This would be a big blow to these bastard’s plan to crash the world. And he is one of the few people and the ONLY black person in the world who they don’t control at all.

He can go and make a billion dollars without their approval, something they’ve tried to prevent since they learned this lesson after Henry Ford (who was also financially independent) took his independent wealth and produced a newspaper exposing them. The awesome power of placing a copy of his book “The International Jew” in every Ford car sold is something they could never allow to happen. To clarify, they had to remove independent wealth from everyone they don’t control.

This is why they had been trying to get this ATV music publishing catalog from him. They would try to smear him as being broke but his music as well as Elvis, the Beetles, Sly and the family Stone and others music brings in at least 80 million dollars a year. He would have never been broke. With his 2001 album Epic/Sony records duped him with using this music catalog as collateral for his 2001 Invincible record. They made sure the record wasn’t available all over the world so it wouldn’t do as good as needed. (still sold 9 million units) His catalog was in danger buy he was help by a fan from Dubai. Michael kept his music and left America.

As well we see Michael had awaken to the evil in this world (re. ADL website declaration-Jackson is anti-Semitic). He also converted to Islam not long ago (sure this didn’t make the jewish nazis happy). This is the reason his brother Jermaine stated “may Allah be with you always Michael”. This was intentional. Now I am not religious and don’t have a special feeling for Islam, as well I know that 911 bombing was not done by Islamic terrorist but by Israeli’s and American criminals.

It is very obvious the news is trying to sell us his cause of death as there was a huge amount of inside info about what happen in the house. An LA Times reporter announced his death? I know he wasn’t allowed in the hospital with the family so how did he know.

The issue here is I believe Michael knew that many jews are monsters but had to idea he must be suspicious of all of them as well as others who could have been sent by them. He didn’t realize that most jews may be a Sayamin (jewish helper). Now as for the doctor.. I noticed the media jumped on his case right away which is to be expected I have no problem with that. They said the doctor injected Michael and 40 min. or so he went into cardiac arrest. Then we see the police going into Michael’s home to investigate his death. Then we say 3 tow trucks at his home picking up one BMW car. The doctor’s car. Where was the doctor?

Later on we hear the doctor has hired a lawyer. No big deal. But then the press seemed to let up from the doctor. He gave statements through an atty. and this was not ripped apart by the jewish attack dog media. And this was a black guy.

When Kanye West’s mother died the press stomped the black doctor for months but they are letting up on this one. RED Flag.

I think the LAPD were told by the jewish controllers to get the car to remove the possibility of a real investigation. Much like what the FBI and CIA do and did after 911.

Also, the mossad that operates within the U.S. may have picked the doctor up and told him that they would get him through this if he cooperated. And it appears as though there is a thin wall of protection around the doctor.

Haven’t heard much from the media about the doctor lately and this is a man who is said to have left the scene or not returned. It was said he was giving Michael injections. Where did he get the injections? And I’m sure he ran his mouth telling people he was MJ’s doctor. So then we have an opportunity for a Sayanim working as a pharmacist who is given medicine (maybe by mossad) laced with, possibly, a drug similar to what a death row inmate gets when sentence is carried out. Only not as potent. Michael is injected, he goes unconscious, his heart and lungs are paralyzed, he is dead before they call 911. Then when we look at the news the way they report it in the first 10 min. it’s like he is already dead. Get us used to news they will give before they give it.

The coordination of the jewish mafia and its press is key. I believe after this tour started and he was away from home it would have been almost impossible for them to get to him so they had to get him sooner than later. And now we see the media working hard to cover things but we think they’re just reporting. The fact that the media is also being very different than before his death. They’re not being as disrespectful. Why? It’s not just because he is dead.

What is this for???

"SEE, WITCHES DON’T SAY “WITCHCRAFT” & THEY DON’T SAY “WITCHES,” THEY SAY “PRACTICERS” or something like this, & they say “the force,” for those who’ve been to “Star Wars.” They say “the force,” so they describe him as “the force.” Now Tom C. Hall has come out with a song called, “The Force,” & the music is the background music for witchcraft ceremonies, it’s his music to the words of that song.

( I was unable to find Tom T. Hall’s song from 1977 entitled “May the Force be with you”, however, a few years later, Michael Jackson, an MK Ultra victim if I’ve ever seen one, released this song…)

Some lyrics:

“Ya know, ya know I was wondering if. If you could keep on because…the force, it’s got a lot of power. It makes me feel like… makes me feel like…..WOOO!

[1st Verse]
Lovely Is The Feelin’ Now
Fever, Temperatures Risin’ Now
Power (Ah Power) Is The Force The Vow
That Makes It Happen It Asks
No Questions Why (Ooh)

Keep On With The Force Don’t Stop
Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Again, quoting Todd;
AND IN “STAR WARS”–WHICH IS THE BIGGEST THING THAT WITCHCRAFT HAS EVER DONE TO SPREAD ITS DOCTRINE–in “Star Wars” & in this song they say, “And may the force be with you till we’re apart.” This is almost identical to what witches say when they greet & part, so it’s not by accident, People, nothing is by accident anymore. If I can get anything across to you tonight, you’re going to walk out of here saying there’s nothing that happens by accident.

Here’s more interesting links regarding Michael Jackson and the occult

And how about Michael and the Mafia ?

Is Michael under mind control ?

Were the Judeao/Masons trying to make MJ look like this ancient egyptian Goddess ? Did they purposefully bungle his plastic surgery so his nose would fall off just like this ? I wouldn’t put it past them…..


Image found at Adam Gorightly’s blog here;

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